This article will help you make the best decision to buy 13 pro max used, and after that, I’ll give you some excellent tips on the mistake we often make while purchasing a used phone. So without further ado, let’s move on to the first mistake you need to stay away from, which is, for the first time, the high-end 13 Pro Max comes with a faster processor than the standard model.


10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Buying a 13 pro max used

Mistake #1-Graphics 

According to reports, the Pro versions perform significantly better than the A14 chip found in the iPhone 12 by scoring around 14,000 points on Geekbench 5’s Metal graphics test. However, the standard iPhone 13 models’ 4-core A15 only managed to achieve about 10,500 points, so if you enjoy gaming or other activities that require plenty of graphics, avoid buying the standard iPhone 13 under the mistaken belief that you’re getting the best performance!

Mistake #2-Display

Suppose you’re a gamer or someone who cares much about the display. In that case, you should strongly consider the 13 pro max used because they have a 120hz display, which will be the single most crucial feature for future-proofing your games and making your phone feel much more responsive than any previous iPhone.

Mistake #3- Battery life

I don’t think you need to get the iPhone 13 Pro model to get the best battery life; the standard iPhone 13 has an hour more real-world battery life than the 13 Pro due to the 120 Hz display’s increased power consumption. Therefore, if battery life is your top priority, 13 Pro Max might be the best option. Then, of course, you can choose the Pro Max model since it offers the best battery life out of the available options.

Mistake #4-Recording

Some of the best new camera features, like the Cinematic video recording mode and the unique photographic style filters, are only available on the iPhone 13 Pro models. But no!

I don’t believe you need the Pro versions with LiDAR to use that feature because Apple managed to make it operate on the standard iPhone 13 devices and utilize superb software. However, if you care about the new ProRes video recording function available later this fall, you must avoid making another critical error while buying 13 pro max used. If you purchase the iPhone 13 Pro’s base 128GB storage variant, ProRes recording may reportedly degrade from 4K to 1080p quality due to the bigger file size. Avoid making that error if you want to take advantage of the 4K recording.

Mistake #5-RAM

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing an ordinary iPhone 13 model if you genuinely detest it when sure your apps, like Facebook, reset when you return to them. It is because they only have 4GB of RAM as opposed to the Pro models’ 6GB. Keep in mind that having an additional 50% RAM makes a huge impact when buying 13 pro max used!

Mistake #6-5G

It relates to 5G cellular speeds, as some may be assuming. I made the error of believing that the Pro models had faster 5G speeds, but no! Compared to the iPhone 12 models from the previous year, all of the iPhone 13 models this year have upgraded compatibility for more 5G bands. Additionally, there’s a fair probability that standard LTE speeds and dependability will increase if the rumors about the iPhone 13 employing the snapdragon X60 modem are accurate.

Mistake #7- camera bumps

The camera bumps on the Pro model are MASSIVE. That’s why you should be aware of the big camera bumps that radiate away from the phone. On the other hand, if you like noticeable camera bumps, you can buy the 13 Pro and Pro Max because the camera bump on those models sticks out more than ever.

Mistake #8-lens 

First, compared to the ordinary 13 models’ lack of a telephoto lens, the 13 pro max extra telephoto lens features a 3x optical zoom, making zoom photos and movies on the 13 Pro MUCH superior qualities.

Additionally, the Pro receives a unique ultrawide camera compared to the standard versions, with a faster F1.8 lens with autofocus that captures far more light than the F2.4 version without autofocus on the traditional models.

Since only the 13 pro max models will support Macro Photography photographs and movies with that lens, the quality variations will be enormous.

Finally, the average Wide camera on the Pro features a quicker lens with an aperture of F1.5 rather than F1.6, a larger sensor with pixels that are 1.9 microns compared to 1.7 microns, and a larger sensor than the usual Wide camera on the Pro.

Don’t get the ordinary 13. Instead, opt 13 pro max used if the camera quality is your priority.

Mistake #9- camera quality

If you want higher camera quality, buy the 13 pro max used model to obtain significantly higher camera quality or other special features like we got on the 12 Pro Max model last year. This year, the only differences between the two phones are their sizes and battery life.

Mistake #10-Storage

You must understand that Apple has significantly improved the value of the iPhone 13 compared to last years. You now receive twice as much storage, 128GB, comparable to the Pro models, for the same price as before. The 13 pro max now features the same 800 nits enhanced display that the 12 Pro had last year.

HDR recording up to 4K at 60FPS rather than only 30FPS is now supported by the 13 pro max. The wide lens of the 13 pro max now has excellent sensor-shift optical image stabilization, and the new, smaller notch looks far more admirable than before! The battery life is massively increased by 2.5 hours and now supports dual eSIM.