iPhones are the best phones, after all. And to have a good iPhone, you have to keep it in mint condition! iPhone is the world’s best camera, with the quality and performance you have come to expect from Apple. Some people Buy iPhone 13 second hand for gaming because they’re fantastic for the same. Do you want to purchase a used iPhone but don’t know where to start? Most people have their reasons for buying used devices. If you are planning to Buy iPhone 13 second-hand, then it is crucial to examine the device’s condition. These conditions are as follows. Read on!

1. Turning on properly

You can Buy iPhone 13 second hand, but the most important thing to check is if the iPhone turns on properly. If it does, it’s probably good to Buy iPhone 13 second hand. Also, check if the phone boots to a lock screen or “Hello” prompt. Also, check out the accessories that come with it and ensure they are authentic, not just imprinted ones.

2. Still locked

If the iPhone being sold to you is stolen and shows a message about entering a password to activate the phone, it may be a good idea to try and unlock it. Another option is that if the seller cannot unlock it, the iPhone may be stolen. Buy iPhone 13 second hand but make sure they are not stolen. Ask your friend to use iTunes on their computer and, if possible, connect it with your device.

3. Performance

When you are checking the performance of the iPhone, you should see if there are any severe problems caused by slow performance. You can do it by opening some heavy-duty apps like games and measuring their performance. If it seems as though the performance is borderline unbearable, this could be the cause of the sluggishness.

4. Battery Life

The most common problems with older devices are their batteries. In case you are looking to Buy iPhone 13 second hand, and some bad things are happening with that device, the Battery Health and Peak Performance Capability will be amongst those factors you must check. It’s easy to check the max capacity and performance capability of a battery.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to Battery > Battery Health, then

Step 2: Look over the percentage value and note it when it is new. If the percentage value has not reached above 90%, you will need to charge your phone more than 2-3 times a day.

5. Display & Touchscreen

If you are looking to Buy iPhone 13 second hand, it is always recommended to test the screen’s touch screen response, brightness, and color accuracy. Also, ensure no problem touching the screen when using the device. Finally, if you notice any crack at the edges of your iPhone’s glass, consider not purchasing it.

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6. Cameras Condition

 The front camera is designed to take selfies and group photos. In contrast, the rear (complete with ultra-wide & telephoto) is designed for better zoom control, focusing, and other features for more specialized photography. If the iPhone is not working correctly, it could be an issue with its camera. It can result in blurred or distorted images and grainy deep-focus effects in your phone’s camera. You can Buy iPhone 13 second hand, but you need to check the camera condition. If the camera of the iPhone is not in top condition, it may be time to move on to something else.

7. Physical Condition

The iPhone has an excellent reputation among most people, so it is preferred when bought second hand. The phone might have a minor damage on the screen or the sides; however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get good deals, as long as you are attentive and ensure there aren’t any dents or scratches. If you see them, then you should pass on that phone. Scratches or dents in the hardware are normal, but dents in the case mean that the phone has suffered severe damage. Don’t spend too much time on this, though.

8. Speaker & Microphones

You should also check if the speaker and microphone on an iPhone work properly before purchasing one. For Buy iPhone 13 second hand use the “Speaker” option to check if there are any issues with the audio quality. Open up the Voice Memos app on that iOS device and select the voice memo you would like to listen to. You can listen to music on YouTube to make sure the sound is clear.

Next, check whether the earpiece volume is working correctly. Finally, you need to make a call. You probably have a problem with the earpiece if you don’t hear anything. If SIM is not inserted, you can also use a Wi-Fi network to make calls on WhatsApp. However, if you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network, then you can still make a call using FaceTime.


If you want to buy an iPhone 13 second-hand, it needs to be thoroughly tested before buying. Most issues are caused due to physical damage and not so much due by software applications. First, find out if there is any burn-in or permanent image retention in the phone’s display—tests either speakerphone or earphones in case of any problem with the sound quality on the headphone jack. If the device has a cracked rear camera lens or cracked front camera lens, you should immediately look for another one.