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What are the iPhone 13 colors?

The latest version of the iPhone 13 has arrived in the initial week of the month with a wide range of colors. So naturally, exciting colors will tempt you to buy all of them together. But choose the iPhone 13 color, which would best go with your personality.

When upgrading your iPhone 13, you may be unsure which color to choose. This article includes every color choice available this year from Apple and will provide you with some insight into what you might choose.

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Blue is the most demanding

The Blue iPhone, which debuted last year, stood out among the other colors available. However, rather than the Royal Blue of the iPhone 12, Apple emphasizes a more pastel blue this year with iPhone 13 colors. Despite the fact that the glass back is still polished, the lighter tone may result in less contrast between fingerprints, allowing the phone to maintain its better-looking exterior for a more extended amount of time before it has to be cleaned.


Midnight – iPhone 13 colors

To live up to its name, this year’s regular dark-colored iPhone is dubbed Midnight, and it comes in an intense blue tint to match its color scheme. However, it will provide you with a familiar experience, and it is a safe choice to make, especially if you plan on selling your phone next year to upgrade to a newer version. In addition, more often seen colors are frequently simpler to sell.

Pink – iPhone 13 colors

Since the discontinuation of Rose Gold, it is obtaining a Pink iPhone has become increasingly difficult. However, if you’re looking for this color, the iPhone 8, iPhone XR, 11, and 12 are all out of the question. However, the iPhone 13 has you covered. It comes in a light pink color with a matching tone on its aluminum rails, as opposed to earlier iPhones, which featured a slight distinction between the railing and the rest of the phone.

Red is Special one of iPhone 13 colors

While the Product RED iPhone is now a standard feature, it was formerly available only as a limited-edition smartphone. The first time it was made accessible was with the iPhone 7, released in the middle of its life cycle. Following this, its widespread popularity has persuaded Apple to make it a permanent color choice since it has been offered on at least one iPhone model ever since.

This year’s tone is a much deeper red, akin to the one found on the iPhone 8 this year. It should be noted that the Product RED color scheme used for the iPhone 12 was a tad on the reddish side. Currently, Apple claims that purchases of Product RED devices contribute directly to the Global Fund to combat COVID-19, a virus in the early stages of development.


Starlight is the final color on the list for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. It is an Off-White tint with a slight trace of a Cream undertone. This model, which replaces the White iPhone 12, will be the one to choose if you like gadgets that are a lighter shade of white.


If you have a case for your iPhone, you should choose the iPhone 13 colors, which would be a good match. If you like more neutral colors, the Starlight iPhone 13 colors would be your first preference! One difficulty you might face is that you need to choose iPhone 13 colors quite quickly as it may go out of stock at any time.